What Factors Influence the Price of Tree Work?

While there are many factors that influence the price of tree work there are a few major variables that add time and cost to any job, and thus have a large impact. Some questions to ask or think about when determining what the cost of your tree project is going to be are:

  1. Are there any hazards close to or under the tree (in the dropzone)?
  2. How accessible is the tree?
  3. What is happening to the material once it hits the ground?
  4. Will the crew have to return to the site more than once?


When it comes to tree service, hazards rank in order from risk to people, down to risk to “stuff”. The closer an object is to the tree, or dropzone of the tree, the more of a hazard it becomes.

Hydro Lines

For most of the classes of powerlines you’ll find on your property, Ontario “Safe Limits of Approach” regulations state that unqualified personnel (non-hydro workers) may work no closer than 3 m (10 ft.) from live equipment. Meaning branches touching powerlines, or branches that may touch powerlines during their removal, need to be cleared by a qualified utility company before our certified tree climbers can remove or dismantle your tree. Axe & Wedge Co. is able to facilitate this process for you, but be aware: this can slow down your project as we have to wait for the hydro companies to clear out our Safe Limit of Approach.

Busy Roadways

Is your tree close to a highway or busy residential street? Our crew takes care to wear high-visibility clothing and to properly control traffic through the use of signage and traffic cones, but high traffic areas pose more of a risk to workers and bystanders as tree work is exciting and typically draws a crowd.


Taking care not to damage property is our utmost priority! That being said, rigging down an entire tree with ropes and blocks because most of it is hanging out over your house, fence, deck or garage etc., is going to add significantly to the amount of time it takes to remove the tree safely, and thus add cost to the project.

Turf and Driveways

Big logs and even smaller branches can leave sizable divots when dropped from height. As with structures above, the more rigging we need to do to avoid putting dents in your lawn or driveway, the more cost will be added to your tree project.

Landscape Features

Does your yard have things we can’t drop brush on/in (like a pool) or ornamental features we can’t step on? Anything in the way that makes our crew deviate from a straight line of attack adds time and labour cost to your quote.


As with hazards above, a tree in your front yard, next to the driveway, that can be dropped in the yard easily will be significantly cheaper to remove than the one in the backyard, around the pool, through the garden, and hanging over the neighbour’s fence. Each tree situation is unique and may require the use of very different techniques and equipment. Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you on the time and cost your project will require, as well as the modern equipment and technical skills to tackle any tree job.


The more our crews have to touch the material and debris felled from your tree project, the more it is going to cost. While we are experts at dismantling and removing trees and branches, once the wood is on the ground it is much safer to work with, and you may be able to find cheaper methods of processing it than hiring our crew of experts. Many homeowners chose to hire us to do the technical work, and then process (limb and buck) the wood themselves or with the help of friends and family. That being said, Axe & Wedge Co. has the specialty equipment to handle any haulage and/or chipping of debris services you might require.

Additional Services

Stump grinding, re-sodding, or project extensions that require us to make multiple trips to your property/site can quickly add to the cost of your project. For example, if you’re thinking of removing 2 trees, but hire us to remove only 1, but then decide later (after we’ve cleaned and cleared your job-site) that you really do want the second tree removed, your costs are going to be significantly higher than if you had included both trees in the first job.

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