Grapple Saw Truck: The Future of Tree Removal

HIAB 435k Crane Truck with Mecanil SG220 grapple saw head hauling logs

Our new HIAB 435k Gapple Saw truck is now in service. We imported and attached a Mecanil SG220 cutting head from Finland to this crane that allows for radio controlled grabbing and cutting of tree branches at heights of up to 80′. 

The grapple saw adds a large safety factor to our tree removal operations. Tree climbers can now stay safely on the ground out of harm’s way, and away from the always unpredictable nature of using chainsaws in the canopy. 

We have already had this grapple saw unit in service on various jobs around Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny, Wasaga Beach, and Orillia. We look forward to the added log hauling capacity it gives us, and the ability to salvage much larger pieces of valuable trunk wood. These large pieces can then be recycled into beautiful slabs and lumber, ready for local craftsmen and hobbiests to turn into various furniture and table projects in the future. 

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